What's in the Beer Glass?


Potential for greater enjoyment of your beer is what a beer glass basically offers. As the beer lands in the clear glass from the dark bottle, your sense of sight comes into play. The golden or brown or whatever other colour of your favourite beer becomes temptingly visible and your anticipation starts the process of enjoyment.


Actually, pouring beer into the glass does more than just make the colour visible. You begin to sense the aromas and tastes better and the quality of your enjoyment changes.


And the shape of the glass affects the head of foam. Contents of the beer, such as hop oils, esters and spices, and yeast byproducts which create the unique aromas, tend to evaporate quickly. It is the head of foam that acts as a trap for these and help retain the flavours and aromas longer.


Different shapes of glasses are recommended for different beers. Though some of the recommendations might be marketing hype, there are still some sound reasons for using different shaped glasses depending on the beer you drink. Here are some facts:

* Long and narrow glasses prevent quick dissipation of the carbonisation

* Goblets and chalices can retain the head (some are even scored to create a carbon nucleation point). And the sculpted shapes of the glass adds to the enjoyment

* Mugs are sturdy, and safer to clink. And hold volumes of beer. Easy to drink out of. And in times of plague, you can put a lid on it to prevent flies from jumping in (a practice that was actually in use in those plaguey times)

* Pint glasses are inexpensive and are easier to store. Great for the practical person and pub


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This entry was posted on October 30, 2015