The Best Ale in Derby

What makes a good, no, great real ale?

Even though there could be hundreds of certain things that make a great real ale we have decided to narrow it down to a list of 5 different things that we believe make the best real ale.

1)  Freshness:

When drinking a lovely pint of your favourite ale you do not want your ale to be several days old and just not fresh. You want the ale to be fresh and bursting with the flavours that you long for.

2)  Smell:

Like most drinks aroma is key. You can instantly tell that a beer is bad or not right just by smelling your beer. To tell if your beer is good you want to follow these guidlines... If you have a hoppy drink you are looking to smell mouth watering fruity and floral notes. On the other hand you favour malty ale then you are looking to smell some gorgeous nutty and caramel notes.

3)  Condition:

Similar to Freshness you want your beer to be as fresh as it can be. However a lot of beer drinkers believe that ales are 'flat'. That however is not the case. When you are drinking your 'little' pint of delite you should be able to feel a little tingle on your tongue as its going down. This is the carbon dioxide in your drink, this is produced from the secondary fermentation process - conditioning and not infused with gas in the way it is from lagers and keg beer. If your beer is flat then chances are, you are drinking a poor pint thats been on too long and well, thats just not right, is it?

4)  Head:

A great pint has a great head. No not the head on your shoulders, the head on your pint! The head on your ale actually tells you a story believe it or not! If your head is good and well balanced it is telling you that the drink has been brewed pefectly without too much agitation. The more your beer moves the higher chance you have on having less head.

5)  Start, Middle and End:

Finally a good beer will have what we call a Start, Middle and End like a story book. As you take your first sip of real ale the first thing you should taste usually is the malt flavours although you could get a smokey or sweetness. Once you start to drink your beautiful beverage you will start to taste the bitterness of the hops pass over your tongue and finally right at the end you want to taste a little sharpness and warm feeling coming from the carbonation. If this happens then you have your perfectly balanced pint.

Now the question begs

"Where can i find somewhere that covers all of this in my area?"

"Where can I get my perfect pint!?" Well luckily for you i have the answer and I think you do too. You pop in to arguably the best real ale pub in Derby... The Five Lamps (here). We are the only place you can get 14 fresh, well scented, tingly, balanced headed and story telling ales.

So come in and find your favourite pint!

This entry was posted on May 25, 2016