Real ale is good for you (part 3)

Welcome to the third and final installation of the true health benefits a couple of pints of real ale can have on your body. Remember that here at the Five Lamps in Derby, we carry an extensive range of this healthy elixir at all times.

Last time we talked, we were discussing the beneficial effects a pint of real ale can have on the kidneys. This effect is largely due to the compound in the hops serving to slow the release the calcium from the kidneys, thereby reducing the number one cause of all kidney stones – calcium, this same factor also reduces the risk of gallbladder stones.

Further research has also discovered that a pint of your favourite real ale in your friendly local, such as at the Five Lamps in Derby, can also cut your risk of prostate cancer in half, owing to the decreases it causes in prostate specific antigens (PSA). Whilst other studies have found that moderate consumption of real ales can lower your risk of diabetes by a THIRD to 56%.

Referring back to an earlier post, when we mentioned clinical studies highlighted the antioxidants and vitamins contained within real ale consumption can reduce Alzheimer’s, it has been claimed by scientists studying dementia and memory loss that there are 3 key stages, Age related memory loss, mild cognitive impairment and dementia. Research undertaken has indicated that following a small study in Italy, researchers found that of 121 people studied and having mild cognitive impairment, those that drank at least one drink of real ale per day, were recognised as having developed dementia 85% slower than those who didn’t drink any real ale or beer per day. A much larger study in the USA found that over a 15 year period, women who drank at least one pint of real ale or beer per day had a 20% lower risk of brain function decline than those who didn’t, whilst another study reported that moderate drinking of real ale or beer could actually reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s by up to 54%.

Finally, moderate drinking of real ale or beer can actually increase your longevity! Studies of over 1 million people across a range of countries from all regions of the globe and concluded that moderate drinking lowered the risk of mortality by 18% and 17% respectively for men and women, whilst another study highlighted that moderate consumption of real ale could actually improve your mortality rate by 20 – 30%!

Therefore, now you know the benefits, why not pay us your friendly local, The Five Lamps in Derby a visit and see how we can satisfy your need to be healthy and live longer?  See you soon.

This entry was posted on October 30, 2015