Real Ale is Alive!

Real ale is living stuff. The yeast is live and fermentation is going on. Often served direct from the cask, real ale gives you the great flavours and aromas that makes drinking beer such a great experience.

Ale is the traditional British beer fermented vigorously from the top (unlike lagers with slow bottom fermentation). Bitters, milds, stouts and old ales all belong to this class of beer. The fermentation does not stop at the brewery; instead, a secondary fermentation will be going on even at the pub.

This has a downside, however. Unlike processed beer sealed in kegs, the ale in casks need special care at the pub cellar. It must be kept within a certain temperature range. Only then will it turn into the flavourful beer you have come to expect.

Shelf life of this living beer is limited. Whereas lager in sealed kegs have been pasteurised to kill all living organisms, ale in the casks still contain yeast and can lose their flavour after a few weeks.

Most pubs serve real ale using traditional hand pulls. If you find them being served through modern fonts, just ask to confirm that you are getting real ale.

Real ale does not need any artificial fizz. Cared properly in the pub cellar, it will have just the right amount of carbon dioxide. Adding gas can make the ale lose its real flavour.

At The Five Lamps, we specialise in real ales. You get a choice of ales, including Five Lamps Ale from Derby Brewing Company, Jaipur from Thornbridge Brewery and Chatsworth Gold from Peak Ales. You also get traditionally cooked food.

The Five Lamps have been in the Good Beer Guide since 2012. Visit us at Duffield Road on the outskirts whenever you visit Derby. You can call us at 01332 348 730.

This entry was posted on October 30, 2015