Littleover Brewery

Tim Dorrington has been running his new enterprise, Littleover Brewery, for some months but has been a little wary of breaking cover and talking about it too much until he was absolutely sure he'd got his recipes right and customers were starting to take to them. The White Swan became his testing ground. The first brews went on there, they got tweaked and now he's comfortable with Gold, a pale session beer and Crest a conker coloured best bitter.

Latest News: Tim is tempted to do a third beer, it is likely to be called De Ville, after Robert De Ville, who was the longest-serving licensee of the pub, from 1917-1957.

Regular Ales:

Gold - A pale session beer at 3.8%.

Crest - A conker coloured best bitter at 4.4%.

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This entry was posted on January 23, 2016