Enhance Your Beer Experience

As every beer lover knows, beer experience is great experience. With the beer you love, the right food to go with it and the intoxicating atmosphere of the pub, you are in a world of your own. And you have company to narrate your story (and listen to theirs, if you are still in the listening mode).


If you are a true connoisseur, you will need to enhance the experience further. You will need to bring out the flavour and aromas of what you drink just right. Here are two tips.


Pour it Right


Not too much foam and not too little either. The right head of foam looks good and brings out flavours better. And the way you pour the beer into your glass determines the head.

1. Remember two degrees to hold the glass, hold it at 45 degree until half the glass if filled and 90 degree from half full onwards

2. Pour to the middle of the glass and not to the bottom or top

3. Vary the height of pouring to produce just the right level of head

4. The right head is from half and inch to one-and-a-half inch


Right Temperature for Each Beer


The rule of thumb is: The stronger the beer the warmer you should drink it. That way, you get to enjoy the nuances of flavours and aromas. On the other hand, weak beers are drunk more for refreshment, and are best chilled. (And with a numb tongue, you won't notice the lack of taste of these beers!)


The right temperature can range from 35 degrees for low alcohol beers to 60 degrees for the Belgian Strong Ales.


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This entry was posted on October 30, 2015