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5 things you might not know...




1: Gin was first produced in Holland

There is little much more refreshing than a Gin & Tonic and in England, it seems to be the tipple for a lot of people. When you look at Gins today, the great number of best sellers hail for the UK. However, did you know that Gin was discovered in the 17th Century when the Brits were fighting in the Thirty Years' War in Holland. The Dutch would drink the Gin before going into battle to boost their confidence and morale. This is where the term Dutch Courage was born. After the war, it would take the Brits 150 years to produce their own Gin.

2: The famous London Gin is not produced in London?

Unlike several other drinks like Scotch, Cognac and Tequila; Gins do not have a location restriction and therefore the majority of your London Gin's are not produced in London. Only a tiny amount of the Gins produced are actually made in the city. However there are several Gins that do have a set location to be created and one of the most famous ones is Plymouth Gin which has been made in Plymouth, England since 1793.


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